October 13, 2010

Skol Vikings

I recently submitted a portfolio to my favorite sports team of all time...the Minnesota Vikings. Long story short, my friend Leslie made me aware of the initial posting for the Team Photographer position with the Vikings. I submitted my resume and all of the info they requested. As expected I didn't make the cut. A few weeks later, the job posted again and I re-submitted my application. A few days later I received an email inviting me to the second round of interviews. In this round they wanted to see 6-12 images that included some action photos and also answer a few specific questions from a questionnaire where they wanted to know what my experience and salary requirements were. With the help of Leslie, Jen, Tobechi and other co-workers I was able to narrow down my collection of photographs to the following images.

Ultimately, the answers I provided on the questionnaire and the finished portfolio I submitted was my decision and I did not make it to round 3. Oh well...it wasn't meant to be.


September 7, 2010

Bonding with the Hasselblad

Boston 2005
This was one of my first trips in to Boston while I attended Hallmark Institute of Photography in the Fall of 2005. I was still learning on how to use my Hasselblad 501c camera and quickly realized it wasn't easy to use for street photography. Towards the end of my year at HIP, I got to meet Skip Cohen (who was the President of Hasselblad USA at the time) and showed him this image. He was very impressed and couldn't stop talking about it to my instructors. I ended up giving him a print of this image and he told me with excitement he was going to have it framed and place it next to an Ansel Adams photograph in his office. Looking back, I'm sure he did have it framed and it was in his office, but I will never know since he is no longer at Hasselblad. Oh well...

On Assignment

Monticello Fire Department 2003

This is one of my favorite images I took of the Monticello Fire Department during one of their training sessions. They were training on how to control and put out a fire from a natural gas truck.

    Flame Thrower 2003

Side view of the same training.

September 6, 2010

The First Post

Dock at Grand Portage Minnesota 2010

For my first blog posting, I thought I would use one of my recent images from a camping trip I took to the north shore.